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Top 5 West African Mythology books

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

We all know about Greek and Roman mythology but do you know about West African mythology?

These books are all based on mythology coming from West African and more precisely, Nigeria. However, there are so many Black books out there based on all kinds of myths and legends coming from the continent of Africa.

Are you ready to dive in?

5. The Gilded Ones

This one SCREAMS Girl Power and Feminism. It's the story of Deka who bleeds gold instead of red blood. She then has to join this all girl army to fight monsters!

And the author is a huge anime fan?!

How can I not love this book?

But this is the kind of the book where the protagonist goes through HELL! I'm not joking!

4. Beast of Prey

It took me a little while to warm up to this book but DANG I should've started earlier!

Once this book pulls you in?


Tell your family and friends you will be locked up in your room reading.

It tells the story of Koffi who works in a very strange circus with her mom.

When she suddenly discovers that she is a magical ancient warrior who has to team up with her enemy to hunt the most dangerous animal in a magical JUNGLE.


This books does not disappoint!

3. A song of Wraiths and Ruin

ENEMIES TO LOVERS and the tension is sooooooooo sweet!

This book is giving Black royalty, Black girl magic and of course, a mix of West and North African Mythology.

Our main girl here is a princess who doesn't want to become a queen until -

Argh, I will give away too much! Read it!

2. Skin of the Sea

You know when you read a book and you take it everywhere you go? I was taking this book on the train, walking, peeing and eating!

I bought it straight when it came out! It's the story of the Mami Wata (Black African mermaids) Simi who works under the goddess of the oceans and seas, Yemaya. She is tasked with taking the souls of those who die in the ocean until one day, she saves the soul of a man.

This is September's pick of my Black book club! Book 2 is coming out on the 29th of September and the members of the Educated Gang are getting it for FREEEEEE!

1. Children of Blood and Bone


My first love and first Black female protagonist I read.

I shed tears when I first read this book. That's how much it means to me!

It's the story of the kingdom of Orisha which used to have magic all around until the King decided to commit genocide and kill all the maji (magical folks).

Our MC, Zelie is going to try and bring magic back to Orisha.

Each magical clan has a specialty here such as earth, metal, death, and telepathy!

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