The Educated Gang 

A community of change, allyship and diversity.



Can you relate to this?

I can't talk about antiracism to my family or friends. 

I'm not sure  I'm making any progress as an antiracist ally 

I don't feel represented in the media

I barely know any good Black movies and books

If any of these hit home, you're in the right place!


Imagine this...

Waking up and knowing exactly how you're going to show up as an ally

Learning different cultures and feeling empowered by them 

Exchanging with a community of allies and people who support you

Learning all the Black history you did not get taught at school 

Knowing all the Black movies and shows on your favourite streaming platforms

Talking with your favourite Black authors and actors 


What The Educated Gang can give you

Continuous learning resources

Masterclasses : Ranging from Black History with experts, a deep dive on West African Mythology Books to negative tropes of Black characters in media. 

Live Q&A: These monthly Q&A's will be implemented in the Black book and film club where you will be able to ask questions to Black authors and other key leaders in the industry.

Resources: All members will receive a lifetime access to a selection of resources including workbooks, regularly updated lists of all my recommendations, reviews of the latest Black movies, shows and books and online course.

Community of allies and POC

Facebook Group: As a member of the Educated Gang, you'll gain access to a private Facebook group where  you are all free to ask questions and support each each other.

Discussion Board: If you're ever struggling in your learning journey or you need to vent - a community of people who are on the same learning journey as you will be here to support you (including myself). 

The motivation you need

Challenges: Each month, you will be set a n antiracism or diversity in media challenge designed to push you to develop new habits and increase progress in your learning journey. 

Prizes: Prizes ranging from free books, audiobooks, coming to Premieres with me and 1:1 training session with or a coffee!